This page is dedicated to helping you find meaningful employment in the Canadian job market.

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McMaster University is proud to partner with Magnet, a new job-matching platform.Magnet is a collaborative network powered by a data-rich, job-matching technology that quickly and accurately connects job seekers to employers based on skills, preferences and talent needs.

What are the Benefits?

Tailored opportunities directly to your inbox

Magnet only connects you to job opportunities that match your skills, experiences, and preferences.

Jobs 24/7

Magnet’s skills matching platform updates automatically, for free. Every time a suitable new job is posted, you’re informed – meaning that job opportunities find you 24/7.

It protects your privacy

Unlike many social media sites and job board tools, your profile will always remain 100% private, until you decide to share it with an employer.

Advanced multimedia capability

With full multimedia capability, you can differentiate your profile by adding images, audio, video, and other documents to showcase your unique talents to potential employers.

Visit to learn more, and to start connecting to qualified candidates and jobs today!

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Looking for Government Jobs? Check these links out!

The federal government post-secondary recruitment campaign opens in September and closes in early October. This is for jobs that will start in the upcoming summer. There will be other government opportunities available for students, so always stay alert.

The Bank of Canada will hire students each year: